Bonus for Lucky Jet in 1Win 

For all players Jet Lucky 1 Win Casino offers a huge variety of game bonuses. That is why this gambling operator is so popular among gamblers. And among the variety of casino bonus offers, there is a promotion that players are most interested in. This is a special offer – a bonus on first deposits, which offers not 100% of the deposit amount, but as much as 500%!

1Win Bonus for Deposits

If you want to get +500% on your first four deposits, you just have to register and deposit funds into your gaming account. Bonus limits:

Maximum Bet Maximum Bonus Bonus amount
100 EUR 1 100 EUR 500%

How to play online Lucky Jet 1Win

Registration on the casino website

  1. Go to the 1Win official website or download the apk file to install the mobile application.
  2. Crash game for money is not possible without registration. To create an account, you must provide an email address and create a password.
  3. If you already have an account – just login.
  4. Refill the account for the desired amount in your cabinet.
  5. Find in the tab «Casino» the game JetLucky and click on it.
  6. Enter the amount you want to bet. At the same time, you can make two bets for different amounts, as well as set the mode «Auto Bet».
  7. Wait for a new round. As soon as Lucky Jet starts his flight, the odds will start counting down from x1 in the center of the screen.
  8. You must click on the «Withdraw» button before Lucky Jet flies away (you will hear signals), otherwise, your funds will fly away with him. If you have time, your bet, multiplied by the odds, will be credited to your account instantly.

Lucky Jet 1 Win strategy

On the Internet, you can find various strategies that professional players use. Most often, one of three algorithms is used: with low, medium, and high rates.

Winning Lucky Jet Strategy

It should be understood that there is no exact distinction between bets in LuckyJet 1Win, but players classify them as follows:

Low odds Average odds High odds
х1-х1.9 х2-9 х70 and higher

Minimum Risk Strategy

The essence of the strategy is that you always bet only low odds, because the frequency of their fallout is much higher than x20, for example. This strategy is great for people who are afraid to risk their money.

The essence of the gameplay is simple:

  1. Choose a ratio limit for yourself (for example, 1.2).
  2. Withdraw money only when the Jet Lucky has crossed this line.
  3. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time following Lucky Jet – just set Auto Withdrawal at this value.

Medium Risk Strategy

Among avid gamblers, this strategy is one of the most popular and profitable at the same time. The odds of x2-x4 occur less frequently than > x1.9, but much more often than any other. According to approximate calculations, the chance of falling out of such a value is 40-43%.

Maximum Risk Strategy

This strategy requires a lot of patience because high odds are not found very often. On average, the odds of x100 can fall out once every 1-1.5 hours.

If you want to try to catch one lucky beak, do the following:

  1. Go into the game and look in the multiplier history to see when the last time was x70.
  2. From that time, time ~1 hour (one game takes about 1 minute).
  3. At the end of the hour, log back in and see what the position of the game is.
  4. Start placing bets. An excellent solution is to make two not very big ones at once.
  5. Take the first bet at x30-40, and the second at x100. Even if you lose a couple of Lucky Jet 1win games this way, there will still be high odds after a while that will allow you to win back and even earn.

Lucky Jet 1Win hack

Knowing in advance what the odds are going to fall out sounds tempting even to the most honest players. This is exactly what scammers count on, who create predictors. On these websites and apps, they promise to give you endless opportunities to win, and in return, they ask for your payment details. Not a single device can hack JetLucky and predict the exact time a particular coefficient will fall out – the gameplay is completely controlled by a random number generator.

Here are little tips that are completely safe and will help you win:

  • Don’t expect to get high odds again in the next round after a big win.
  • Always be on your guard: Don’t place two bets at once if you’re not sure you can keep track of them.
  • Set strict time and betting limits, so you don’t lose all of your money because of irresponsible gambling.


❓ Is it possible to play Lucky Jet 1Win without registration?

✅ No, the rules of casino One Win prohibit users to play slots without registration, because it is impossible to comply with the rules of fair play.

❓ How to hack LuckyJet 1Win?

✅ No way. It is impossible to hack or predict the results of the Jet Lucky game, because they are completely based on the principle of random numbers.

❓ What is the maximum win?

✅ The game rules do not set the value of the maximum winning amount, but the maximum bet per round cannot exceed 10 000 EUR.

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