Jet Lucky Review 2023

Various fast games are especially popular in various online casinos. This is due to simple rules, a fascinating plot and the ability to quickly increase the bankroll. One such game is Lucky Jet.

Lucky Jet game characteristics

Which casinos can you play? 1Win, Pin-Up, Parimatch
Volatility High
RTP 97%
Minimum bet 0.1 EUR
Maximum bet 100 EUR
Maximum ratio x100
Provider Gaming Corps

Jet Lucky: game review

Surely you have heard about such slots as Aviator and JetX – popular crash games with a plane. Therefore, today you will find a similar game, but with a slightly different interface and characters – JetLucky. The game’s essence is the same everywhere – you should get a win before the plane explodes and the coefficient countdown stops. Of course, the main goal of any person in casino is to get as much winnings as possible while spending as little money as possible. This is not always possible, because the game is completely built on the principle of luck.

Play Lucky Jet Slot

But if you are a fan of testing your luck, then Jet Lucky is what you need! And for special casino fans there is good news – Gaming Corps has created the second part. In general, it repeats the interface and concept of the first one, but here the provider has corrected minor inaccuracies to get full enjoyment from the gameplay.

Lucky Jet game interface

Game is made in beautiful colors considering modern trends. The game interface is made very harmoniously.

Here are main elements of the page with LuckyJet casino:

  • Window with the flying along the line plae – takes up about half of your screen, so you will definitely be focused on it.
  • The smaller window – an interesting feature, because unlike other similar gambling games, JetLucky shows a small window with the character when you scroll through the page, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Stake block – under the window with the flying man you have the Lucky Jet game bets, where you can place them at the same time or place an auto bet/withdrawal.
  • Panel – there are several tabs here: with the rules of the game, your account balance, live chat with players and image/music/sound settings.

How Lucky Jet game works

JetLucky is a gambling casino game where the player decides how much he wants to win. The player has a few seconds to place a bet. This is followed by a plane flight with who starts the multiplier. But the most important thing in JetLucky casino is to have time to collect your winnings before the plane crashes. Winnings are equivalent to the initial bet multiplied by the coefficient.

Jet Lucky multiplier

JetLucky is a game with a multiplier that determines the player’s win. In the process, the player puts himself in the pilot’s shoes, and the payoff he gets depends on the height his plane reaches. The score obtained in height corresponds to the odds that will multiply original bet. The trick is to be able to stop the Jet Lucky casino from taking off at the right moment.

Lucky Jet Multiplier

If you can simply double or triple your bet, then success is guaranteed. The Jet Lucky win multiplier starts at x1 and increases as the aircraft gains altitude. The longer the plane is in the air, the higher the multiplier for your bet will be.

Multiplier х50 х100
Number of drops 2-3 times 1 time
Time interval 60 min 60-90 min

JetLucky features

Jet Lucky is a very simple but quite entertaining game. In addition, it has various catchy features:

  • Chat. In addition to the gambling game, at casino you can interact directly with players and read their reviews. You even have the option to make friends online while you have fun playing.
  • Live betting. There is no doubt that JetLucky has thought of how you will bet in real time. And as other players place their bets, you will see the odds and profits of each game.
  • Live Statistics. On the JetLucky dashboard, you will have the opportunity to see which players have been the luckiest and which have not.

How to play at Jet Lucky casino?

If you’re itching to start playing this innovative slot, the first thing you need to do is find a trustable casino. Deposit for the game is not required – you can always try your hand at the demo version using the game currency.

The principle of JetLucky, both in the demo version and in the standard version for money, is completely identical. The step by step algorithm is as follows:

  1. Search the JetLucky casino from the list of all available games. Usually sites offer to use the search, by name or provider, which makes the task easier. Once you have found the Lucky Jet game slot, choose which format you want to start in – regular or demo.
  2. Once JetLucky has loaded, you must place your initial bet. This must be done before the character takes off. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next session to bet again. Putting it is quite simple – you just need to specify the required amount and click on the big light purple «Bet» button in the game.
  3. Further more difficult: you must get the winnings of the Lucky Jet game before the little man flies away. To do this, just click on the big «Take» The output after that will happen automatically, and its size will correspond to odds that the character has reached. Remember: if you won’t catch time to receive the funds and the person flies away, you will simply lose the funds. Sometimes it happens that the little man flies away even at odds of 1.1, so be careful!
  4. After receiving the funds, you can continue playing JetLucky or end it, it all depends on your desire. The funds will not burn if you exit.

Where to play Lucky Jet demo?

Some of the best sites that offer to play JetLucky are 1Win, Parimatch and Pin Up casinos. There you have the opportunity to start a demo Lucky Jet game for free, just by registering. This does not require any verification or deposit. In addition, you can follow the game without registration just open the slots tab and select JetLucky casino. This can be useful if your goal is to notice some peculiarities in high odds or their frequency.

How to win at Lucky Jet casino

To increase the chances of winning, it is useful to study various game strategies and apply the most effective algorithm. However, remember that there is no such strategy that will completely ensure the success or profit. There are no 100% reliable methods for multiplying your winnings in this game. However, there are some methods that have proven to be effective. This is a game of chance and the luck factor is decisive.

Combined strategy

Even if you know what manual and auto bets are, it’s best to learn more about them and their variations before you start using the JetLucky strategy. For example, a manual bet allows you to withdraw your funds at the end of each round of the hit game whenever you see fit. On the contrary, automatic withdrawal makes it possible to determine the multiplier in advance.

Combining these two features streamlines JetLucky’s profits and is more based on probabilities. The strategy’s essence is noticing the frequency with which a high multiplier falls out and using a manual bet during this. In the meantime, you can place the Jets Lucky casino auto bet on the minimum multiplier (for example, x1.10 or x1.20) and get a small but guaranteed profit.

Conservative strategy

In this strategy, the game player takes little risk, trying to gradually make a profit. It requires betting a small amount of money without speculating in anticipation of a high multiplier. The simplest example of a strategy is to wager a fixed amount of money, which will depend on what you want to bet, and not get too carried away.

Professional players believe that stakes less than x1.20 usually do not make profit, so it would be a good idea to wait for x1.50. And if everything works out for you, you can think about increasing the odd, respectively, and the risk. But be careful! Game casino does not offer even such winnings too often, so there is a chance of losing your investment.

Risk strategy

If you want to play with more risk, you’ll just have to wait longer. As a rule, games with very high multipliers, which can approach or exceed x100, occur very rarely. If you follow JetLucky, you will notice the most frequent multipliers: x2, x3, and x4. So getting higher will be really a problem. But if you want to try your luck – try to start following Jet Lucky casino and catch the moment with the biggest odds.

How to hack Lucky Jet game?

Although quick profit sounds tempting, you should still not try to find JetLucky hack options. If the casino finds out about your attempts to cheat, there is a possibility of blocking your account and canceling your winnings.

The best option would be to use the tips below in order not to lose your funds and even make a profit:

  • Make a small profit. Remember that it can rise so high and disappear at any moment. As well as your profit.
  • Use auto bet.
  • Decide on a bankroll and stick to it. Set your betting limit, you should play with the available resources without exceeding.
  • Use the hit game online chat. Here you can consult with the players on how to increase their profits.


❓ What is Jet Lucky RTP?

✅ RTP is the percentage of return to the player: the amount that will definitely return to the player over a long distance. The RTP of JetLucky game is higher than average – 97%.

❓ Can I download Jet Lucky on a smartphone?

✅ Yes, you can easily download the casino app where you play JetLucky. After that, just log into your account and find the game on your smartphone.

❓ Is it safe to play Jet Lucky?

✅ JetLucky is a completely real and safe game that actually withdraws the money won by the players to their account.

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