R&D Transformation Summit 2018 (September 27-28, Eurostars Hotel Berlin)


While a research unit is critical to the success of the organization, efforts dedicated to R&D process improvements can be challenging. High costs and long time scales coupled with difficulties in anticipating the changing market and customer needs, put pressure on R&D groups to perform. A holistic and integrated approach to both product development and innovation within R&D process is a strategic imperative. This September in Berlin we are uniting R&D and innovation experts to discuss the pioneering approaches to driving greater R&D efficiency.

Below is a snapshot of some of our talks

> R&D as a service function, a business partner or the core of the business?
> How to address innovation and research topics in a world of short-term business needs?
> How to select the most promising ideas? How to recognize the need for change?
> What is the right time to invest in new technologies?
> How to sustain a transformational impact on R&D centers?
> How to adopt realistic KPI for open innovation?

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